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Private sessions

A deep dive into your personal sexual healing and liberation

Boundaries & Desires

  • Where are you not standing up for your boundaries?

  • Where are you not expressing your desires?

Emotional liberation

  • Where are you suppressing your emotions?

  • What are you too afraid to feel?

Self love

  • What parts of yourself do you struggle to accept?

  • Where are you putting yourself down?


  • Sacred touch full body Massage

  • Yoni (vulva) Massage

  • Lingam (penis & testicles) Massage

  • Anal de-armouring

​Where is your body holding on to past trauma, memories, and patterns?

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Boundaries, Desires & Consent

If there was one skill that is essential when entering the world of sacred sexuality, tantra, sexual healing, or any other modality that involves sexual energy, it's how to take care of your own boundaries.

And its not just in a sexual context, it's just that in sexuality the dysfunction and potential for harm (and healing) is magnified.

First we need to become sensitive to detecting where our boundaries actually are, moment to moment, not where we think they should be.

Then we need to be able to communicate them clearly, without needing to explain or apologise.

We will also practise asking for what we want, and speaking our desires, along with what happens when we are rejected.

emotional liberation.jpg

Emotional liberation

Our society teaches us emotional suppression. It teaches us that anger can only hurt, that tears are weak, even that joy is undeserved. And overall that being loud and expressive is not polite.

When we suppress emotions they don't disappear, they get stuck in our system, manipulating our thoughts and behaviours from the shadows. It can make us feel numb, like life is lacking in colour. Or it can release explosively, damaging ourselves or those around us.

When emotions are free to run in our system, when we can run the energy fully in a safe and healthy way, it is very empowering and healing.

When we allow our anger to run and express and release safely, what it brings is courage, the power to stand up for ourselves, and for what we believe in, to set healthy boundaries and know our own worth.

When we allow sadness and grief to run and express and release, it brings peace, and release from things we are holding on to. It brings honour and praise and respect to the things we have lost. It brings clarity around what is important in our lives.

When we allow joy to run and express and release, it brings colour to our lives, it brings meaning, purpose, passion and ecstatic living.

This workshop is a solo journey, there are no partnered exercises. Nudity and sexual energy is welcome but not required. Everything is optional. There will be assistants present to give support at any point should you need it.


Being at home in your body

Every body is beautiful. Every body is capable of pleasure. Every body is worthy of love and pleasure. Celebrating our bodies and bringing attention and love to the parts of us that we struggle to love and accept.

Can you look at yourself in the mirror, with no cloths, no makeup, no striking a post, and truly love every thing that you see? We are bombarded with advertising that makes us feel inadequate so we buy the latest beauty product or exercise regime. We are made to cover our bodies from an early age because showing them is shamed, ridiculed or dangerous.

This workshop is to bring compassionate attention and loving touch to this miraculous animal that carries us faithfully through this lifetime. To feel the preciousness of every texture, every sense receptor, every movement that our bodies allow us to experience in our incarnation.


My blood is fucking sacred!

A workshop about menstrual blood. Meeting the roar of the wild woman who will not fit into society's box of acceptable femininity. All genders may attend but the focus will be on those in female bodies. If you are bleeding you are very welcome to bring your blood to the alter.

A warrior cry for all the years of being shamed for a natural part of every woman. Of needing to hide it, to use "sanitary" products, of our feelings being invalidated because it's "our time of the month".

This is what it means to be a woman. We bleed. We cycle. We are connected to the moon and the ocean. To nature and evolution. There is infinite wisdom here. It's time to claim it.

touch in motion.jpg

Touch in motion

By first diving deep into the nuances and shadows of desires, boundaries, and consent, and practicing discovering, communicating, and holding them physically and energetically, we will create a safe space where we feel free to melt into slow mediative movement and nourishing conscious touch with ourselves and, optionally, each other.

As a shamanic sexuality facilitator and guide, I am welcoming of nudity and sexual energy in my events, while putting no pressure on that to be there for anyone. For this particular event the boundaries are that genitals remain covered, and there is no direct genital touch.

This workshop involves partnered exercises with random, changing partners, followed by free flow connection and movement to music. You can participate to the level of your own comfort within your own boundaries.

There will be opportunities to ask for and give touch to any level you choose. Everything is optional.

If you are in a relationship it is recommended that you communicate what your boundaries are when interacting with others before the event.

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