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Return to Primal Innocence

4 Day Immersion

An introduction to sexual shamanism.



For beginners

Boundaries and Consent
Emotional processing tools
Being at home in your body
Conscious Touch
Naked Dance
My blood is f**king sacred

1 to 1 sessions

Are you ready to meet your demons?

Bespoke sessions for you.


Regular gatherings

Building conscious intimacy

Meeting on Fridays in Glastonbury, UK

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Return to Primal Innocence Retreat

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Boundaries and Consent

How to really listen to you inner 'no' and 'yes'. How to express and stand up for it.

Emotional processing tools

"You've got to feel it to heal it"
Leaning and practicing tools involving postures, breath, sound, and movement to process and integrate emotions cleanly and safely. This is a solo journey in a group - you will stay in your own space and not interact directly with other participants.

Being at home in your body

This workshop explores your true relationship with your own body, and how to build trust, love and intimacy with it. Nudity will be optional

Conscious Touch

Touching ourselves and each other consciously with complete presence in the service of divinity. How does your body truly want to touch or be touched? (No nudity in this workshop)

Freedance (clothing optional ecstatic dance)

Free your body and dance as nature intended to.

My blood is f**king sacred

for beings in female bodies - rewriting our relationship with our monthly cycles.


Private 1 to 1 sessions

Offerings: List

Are you ready to meet your demons?

Are you ready to face your shadows?

Are you ready to journey through everything that is blocking you from a life full of passion and bliss?

Recent Testimonials

Client Feedback

Offerings: Testimonials

The experience I had with Joy Mittens was profound. I felt I could truly trust this amazing woman so I was able to dive fully into the experience and receive a wonderful healing. I highly recommend her work. She is awesome!


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