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Ignite Your Soul Awakening

Retreats, workshops and Private Sessions for Transformation and Empowerment

Welcome to a world of transformation and self-discovery. I am a dedicated shamanic facilitator, offering empowering workshops, retreats and personalised private sessions for individuals seeking profound growth through sexual shamanism. With a background in science and a passion for exploring the depths of human consciousness, I provide a safe and non-judgmental space where you can explore your desires, overcome limitations, and embrace your true potential. Whether you join one of my immersive workshops or choose to embark on a personal journey through private sessions, together we will navigate the realms of sexuality, shadow, and personal empowerment. Unleash your inner potential and embark on a transformative path towards a more authentic and fulfilling expression of your soul's gift on this earth.

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1) Alchemy of Love Festival

16th - 20th July, EarthSpirit, UK

Fuel for transformation

Sexual energy is the beginning of all life, it is the only power great enough to create life. To imagine that this energy does not contain vast potential for creation, healing, and transformation, is the greatest deception of our time.

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Love your instrument

The Animal Body

Your body is the instrument through which the music of our sexuality plays.

Can a great pianist be ashamed of his piano?

Burn through any shame you have around your physical form and animal desires. Feel how every body is capable and worthy to play beautiful unique music.

Allow your energy to move freely

The emotional body

Your emotions are the resonance chamber of your unique sexual notes.

Can a flute be played if the air flow is blocked by cobwebs and dust? Will a guitar resonate if you stuff it with old cloths?

Clear out all your stagnant and suppressed emotions, from grief to anger to joy. Allow them to express and move in a safe, healthy, and empowered way.

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Apply rocket fuel

The erotic body

Now you have your instrument, given it a lot of love, it's cleaned and polished.

It's time to learn how to play.

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Client Feedback

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It was a powerful transformative experience that unlocked new range of emotions, new potential and changed the way I see myself.

The whole experience was intense, deep, while pleasant, playful and safe. Joy guided me and held the space beautifully, with caring, compassionate energy. In the end it felt like a celebration. Thank you, Joy!


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