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My Story

My journey into conscious sexuality began in 2011 when I was 23 years old, not long graduated from Cambridge University with a science degree. I looked at my yoni (AKA vulva) in the mirror and felt disgusted by what I saw. I witnessed myself feeling disgust and knew that this was not a healthy reaction to have to a part of my own body. Something had to change.

The reason I was looking at my yoni in the mirror was because I suspected I'd never had an orgasm and was very ashamed of that. I was completely unable to talk about any of this with my then partner, friends, or family (I struggled to even write the word 'sex' never mind talk about it...) and knew of no professional help that existed in this area. So I turned to the internet, which had very few resources back then, but it did give me the idea that self pleasure was a good place to start, (something which I never did,) and a furtive google search for "how to masturbate" finally gave me the advice to start by having a look at my vulva with a mirror.

I also realised that I had an extreme aversion to being naked, to the point where even with my partner of 3 years I would still turn the light off before getting undressed. Even in my room on my own, when I changed my cloths I would do one part of my body at a time, never all of it at once, except to have a shower.

It's been a loooong journey since then. In 2012 I quit my job, left my home and went travelling around the world. In 2013 I met ISTA (the International School of Temple arts) which was the first time I felt that anyone was making sense about sexuality, and also the first time I entertained any ideas of spirituality or shamanism.

I lived in London for 4 years in a sex-positive polyamorous queer community where we ran events and play parties that could have transformative effects on the attendees, just to give people a space where they felt free and accepted in their sexual and gender expression. This did a lot for opening me up about sexuality and being able to talk about it and witness it in many different forms.

In 2015 I took ISTA's L1 training program and that's when everything began to really change for me. I was convinced that this was the work that would not only transform my life, but could transform the world. Finally in 2018 I embarked on five years of diving deep into this work, doing many trainings and workshops with ISTA, Highden Mystery school, and others. I completed ISTA's practitioner training program, as well as Advanced Bodywork Training with Buddhi Dana.

Now I am taking part in The Field Facilitator Training year long program to up-skill even more. This also includes a certified trauma informed module with Somata Mystica, which feels like an essential addition to my skillset.

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The experience I had with Joy Mittens was profound. I felt I could truly trust this amazing woman so I was able to dive fully into the experience and receive a wonderful healing. I highly recommend her work. She is awesome!


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